Book review: Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a novel by Gillian Flynn about Nick, whose wife, Amy, disappears on their 5th anniversary.  I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying that Nick ends up being the prime suspect.  The book has quite a few twists and turns … and though I saw most of them coming, the very end of the book was a surprise to me.  This book was a fun read and a bit of a mindtrip into different personalities.

The book is narrated by Nick and Amy (mostly via a diary she left behind).  The author used the first person for both, but the characters’ distinct personalities came through.  It’s hard to write much about this book without giving away too many spoilers.  If you like suspense/thrillers/crime fiction, you should give this book a shot.  It was a simple read, but it was very enjoyable.

I’ve already recommended this book to a few people I know.


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