Book review: A Song of Ice and Fire series

I admit that I started watching the first two seasons of Game of Thrones before I started reading the A Song of Ice & Fire series.  The show follows the books pretty closely (so far).  I am on book three of the series, so needless to say, I like the books.

The characters in the book are so interesting!  I think my favorites are Arya and Tyrion.  I hope they don’t die.  It seems like all the good people in the series die.

The chapters in the books are titled with different characters’ names and tell about the corresponding character’s experience.  The books are written in the third person, but the characters’ voices still come out clearly in the writing.

One of my favorite things about this book is that there is a lot of gray.  Sometimes, events are presented as black and white, but as the story progresses, you learn more of the background that led up to the events or your get the perspective of one of the “bad” guys in the book and you see why they did what they did.  There aren’t many hard and fast “good” and “bad” characters.  The bad characters have some good characteristics and the good characters have some bad characteristics, just as regular people do.

It was a little hard to keep all the characters and their loyalties straight at first, but if you keep reading, you’ll get drawn into their intrigues.

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