Book review: Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn by Lisa Gardner is the newest book in her Tessa Leoni series, but D.D. Warren makes a cameo appearance (yay!).

The book starts out with an accident victim waking up, escaping from the car, and frantically looking for her daughter, Vero.  We later learn that the accident victim has had multiple head injuries and has hallucinations.  It’s hard to give a plot summary without giving too much of the story away.  Plus, a straight plot summary of this book sounds fantastic so it might deter a potential reader, but the author did a nice job of leading the reader through the plot so if you read the book, the plot actually seems somewhat plausible.  Something that starts out as an auto accident ends up being a homicide investigation (of course, if it were a simple auto accident, it probably wouldn’t be very interesting).  I liked that the first person narrative wasn’t reliable so the reader had to sift through what was written to try to figure out what was real.

I found the book to be a fun read.  Parts of the book were predictable, but there were many twists and turns in the plot to keep the reader interested.  The characters are in the book interesting and engaging so even if a reader is able to somehow guess ALL of the plots’ twists (and I would be surprised that anyone could guess all of them), the book is still worth reading.

Disclosure: I received a free advanced reader copy of this book, but I don’t think the author even knows that I’m writing this review.  I have given an honest review.

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