Book review: The 13th Gift

The 13th Gift was an easy, fast warm-your-heart holiday memoir about a family who is spending their first Christmas without the Dad, who died of a heart condition.  Presents start appearing 12 days before Christmas with cards that contain modified versions of the 12 days of Christmas song on them from “true friends.”  The gifts are small items like a poinsettia, candles, etc., – little gifts that remind the family of Christmas.

The author did a nice job of portraying the pain and anguish that her family felt.  She also was very honest about how she didn’t want to celebrate Christmas and how even buying presents for her children were difficult.  It was interesting how, once the author started getting into the Christmas spirit more, she encountered more people who were willing to help her (furniture store) instead of rude people (guy in the parking lot).  At the very end of the book, the author does finally track down the “true friends.”

This book is exactly what you would think it would be.  It was fun to read and I’m glad that there are good people out there who help others without any recognition.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review.

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