Cookbook review: Feed Zone Table

The first part of Feed Zone Table focused on the importance of sharing meals with one another.  The benefits are somewhat obvious – bonding socially, stronger mental health, etc. – but there are references to back up what the authors claim.

I really liked this cookbook.  There were many healthy family-friendly recipes, by which I mean that I think children would enjoy them as well as adults.  Too many of the healthy cookbooks include too much quinoa and kale and not enough flavor.  The recipes section starts out with non-alcoholic drinks (love this!  Again, it’s kid-friendly as well as adult-friendly).  It emphasized the focus on “family-style” meals that everyone could enjoy.   The recipes serve between 4-8.

There were pictures of every recipe so that you could see how every finished product appears.  Best of all, most of the ingredients are readily available and most of the recipes seem easy to make.  Did I mention that the recipes are healthy?  They’re not perfect, but for example, the cashew honey brittle uses honey, cinnamon, and vanilla as sweeteners instead of corn syrup.  Almost all of the other recipes I’ve seen for nut brittle require corn syrup.

While home made, from-scratch meals are always going to take longer to prepare than something that you dump out of a package, the recipes in this book really didn’t take too long.  I would say that most of the recipes take 40-60 minutes to make, but some of that is just cooking time so you don’t need to constantly monitor it.  This is an easy, practical cookbook for families and for people who like to entertain friends.

The only annoying part about this was that I had an electronic version and every page had the words ” Low-res for Edelweiss” printed on it, which sometimes obscured the words printed on the page.Hopefully that was just because it was an ARC.

Disclosure: I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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