book review: Little Girl Gone by Gerry Schmitt

I’ve been reading really horrible mysteries.  Why would I read horrible mysteries?  I promised to review them so I’m trudging my way through.  I feel a little bad giving bad reviews, but the characters are so unbelievable and the plots are just awful.  I’ve finished 2 of them, but I’ve been procrastinating about the reviews because I honestly can’t believe these books were published.

My introduction leads me to a little caveat about my review for this book.  I liked this book, and I don’t think it’s because of the string of horrible writing that I’ve witnessed recently, but there’s a small part of me that wonders.  I felt so relieved when I started to read it and found myself enjoying it and liking the characters.

Little Girl Gone is about a police liaison officer named Afton Tangler who helps in the investigation of the abduction of an infant from a wealthy family.  Afton is discontented with her current role and aspires to be a detective rather than social worker.  She is a likable character who is clever, easy to relate to, and believable.  The author did a great job of character development by allowing the character’s actions to speak for their personalities.  The characters’ reactions to situations were spot on for their personalities.

This book reminded me a lot of John Sandford’s Prey series, not only because they are both based in Minnesota, but the main characters investigate crimes.  Both main characters aren’t perfect and have a little bit of an attitude towards authority, but that’s part of what makes them likable.

While the plot doesn’t offer any surprises, I found myself not caring about that because I was enjoying the well written story.  It seems that Afton Tangler is the main character in a series of books.  I haven’t read any of them before reading this book and found that it didn’t make a difference.  I look forward to reading more books with Afton Tangler as the main character.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentar e-copy of this book from First to Read.


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