book review: Nothing Short of Dying by Erik Storey

Nothing Short of Dying is part of a series about a character named Clyde Barr.  I finished this book a long time ago, but had to wait a while to review it because the publisher requested that reviews not be posted until within 2 weeks before the release date.  I hadn’t read any Clyde Barr books before this, but I think I will.

This book is similar to the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child or the Lucas Davenport books by Jon Sanford.  I couldn’t help but like Clyde.  Clyde had a troubled childhood, but he doesn’t let that be an excuse.  In fact, he doesn’t really like excuses.  Clyde keeps his promises and is willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to come through for the people he cares about.

In this book, he receives a call from his sister asking for help and he later learns that his sister has been involved with some drug dealers.  Outnumbered and with low chances of survival, Clyde has to use his wit and make the best of his resources to save his sister.

I guess I favor books where the underdog who is trying to do the right thing wins in the end … sort of.  I liked reading about the predicaments he found himself in and how he overcame them.  I loved the survival in the wilderness bits.

This was a fun adventure/action story.  I would recommend it to Jack Reacher and Lucas Davenport fans.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary preview e-copy of this book from the publisher for review from NetGalley.

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