Book review: Sting by Sandra Brown

Sting is the first book I’ve read by Sandra Brown.  It has an interesting premise – a woman named Jordie Bennet is kidnapped by Shaw Kinnard, who hopes to use her as a hostage to get access to $30 million from her brother.  It was an odd book … when I started reading it, I was expecting a suspense-type book, a la Lee Child and John Sandford.  Then the book took an X-rated turn.  Now, I’m not a prude by any means, but the descriptions were pretty explicit.  It was something I’d expect in a romance novel … I didn’t have a problem with the explicitness of it, but I found it a little unbelievable and I felt like it took away from the pace of the plot.

The book felt long, with not much happening plot-wise other than people arguing and the sexual tension/sex between Jordie Bennet & Shaw Kinnard.

Warning: spoilers ahead …









I’m supposed to believe that Jordie has the hots for a guy who murdered someone in front of her, kidnapped her, and is threatening to kill her?  Maybe if he hadn’t been presented as a hitman in the beginning … and maybe if they had spent a couple weeks together, but not in the few days they spent in the garage.  And they have a major sex scene just after one of the cops on the case was seriously injured and is in intensive care?  I just didn’t buy it.

I also had trouble with the ending of the book where they finally find the bad guy.  There was a plot twist, but it felt like a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist and, again, just wasn’t believable.

It was a so-so book – I didn’t find it as enjoyable as the books by Lee Child or John Sandford.  Read it if you want to read a romance book with a little more plot than the typical romance.

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